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The 2nd Edible Cities Network Conference 2023. Keynote Speeches

16 Marzo, 2023
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The 2nd Edible Cities Network Conference: Advancing the Edible City: Ideas, Practices and Systems. 15–17 March 2023

Advancing the Edible City will bring together leading researchers, policymakers and city administrators, civil society actors, green city activists and entrepreneurs to explore the ideas, practices, and systems necessary to support the sustainable, resilient and socially just development of our cities’ food systems. The conference is co-organised and hosted by RMIT University, the Solidarity Foundation of the University of Barcelona and Humboldt Universität zu Berlin.

Keynote Speeches

Moderator: Teresa Sauras, Delegate of the Rector for Sustainability, University of Barcelona.

Feeding cities at a time of climate urgency and a global socio-ecological crisis
•Enric Tello, Professor, Economic History and lnstitutions, University of Barcelona.

The lapses of collapse: Exploring the sustainability of the city as an organizing element of human society
•Gustavo Duch, lndependent Activist and Coordinator of the Journal "Food Sovereignty, Biodiversity and Cultures"

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