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Congrés final TRivers (anglès)

12 setembre, 2018
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The LIFE + TRivers project aims to create new tools to improve the management of temporary rivers and ephemeral streams according to the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) requirements. In the final Meeting, the project outcomes were presented to water system managers, scientists and general stakeholders regarding water management in temporary rivers and its ecological status assessment. LIFE+ TRivers developed the TREHS software (Temporary Rivers Ecological and Hydrological Status) in order to set hydrological categories of temporary rivers using simple surveys. This has favoured the obtaining of data where there was no previous record (such as gauging stations), thus, helping the detection of hydrological impacts. Moreover, a simplified version of TREHS has been developed and it aims to involve the public in the evaluation of the hydrological and ecological status using a phone app (RiuNet). Finally, a process of citizen participation was carried out to raise awareness about temporary rivers, their diagnosis and the preparation of a proposal for management measures, referring to the improvement of their current status and their conservation.
In addition, in this TRivers final meeting, several water system managers from other countries were invited to explain their experiences on managing temporary rivers according to the WFD.

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