The researchers that integrate Mirrors Project regularly participate in conferences, seminars and other events with the aim of jointly reflecting on issues of interest of the initiative. Then we spread the forums where we show our research work.

In the year 2018, once the project is completed R & D, we continue to work and disseminating the results of our research

3 October 2018. Anna Morero part in the round table “surrogacy. We approach the complexity interdisciplinary: ethics, sociology, law and psychology”, organized by the Col·Official School of Psychology of Catalonia.

4-7 September 2018. Anna Morero, Rosa Ortiz and Màrius Domínguez participated in the IV International Congress of Anthropology AIBR, with communication “care, reproduction and neoliberal globalization. An approach on the linkages between global care chains and surrogacy“.

Participation in conferences and seminars throughout the year 2017

22-24 November 2017. Elisabet Almeda, Anna Morero, Nuria Pumar, Sandra Obiol, Marius Dominguez, Nuria Vergés, Rosa Ortiz, Clara and Dino Di Nella Camps participated in the Fourth Conference of Feminist Research iiEDG with communication “Navigating between the different models of regulation of surrogacy in Spain”. Anna Morero was also involved with communication “Who are the parents to surrogacy in Spain? An approach to their sociodemographic characteristics and processes”.

2-4 November, 2017. Anna Morero, Rosa Ortiz and Màrius Domínguez participated in the X AFIN International Conference: Reproductive politics, rights and desires, where they presented communication “global care chain and surrogacy: What do they have in common?

5-8 September, 2017. Anna Morero and Elisabet Almeda participated in the symposium “New frontiers in reproductive donation: gametes, embryos and pregnant. Dynamics of altruism and interest in the new configurations of kinship in the age of reproductive technologies” at XIV Congress of Anthropology which it took place in Valencia.

Participation in conferences and seminars throughout the year 2016

17-18 November, 2016. The next 17 Y 18 November Anna Morero attend the conference "Surrogacy: situate France in the world- representations, guidelines and practices"To be held in Paris, and where they participate many of the most important researchers of the time such as Elly Teman (Ruppin Academic Center, Israel), Vernal Jdawa (Cambridge University) y Sharmila Rudrappa (Texas University)

30 June- July 2, 2016. Anna Morero participated in the Spanish Congress of Sociology, held in Gijon, presenting a Communication Gsurrogate station: family transformations in the Spanish State (plaintiffs: Anna Morero y Elisabet Almeda)

10-14 July, 2016. Anna Morero Bertran participated in the 3rd ISA Forum of Sociology, held in Vienna (Austria), presenting a Communication Gestational Surrogacy in Spain: Parental Transformations in the XXI Century in Spain (plaintiffs: Anna Morero y Elisabet Almeda)

Participation in other forums during the years 2016 Y 2017

28 of April, 2017. Dr.. Anna Morero was part of the panel discussion “Techno-breeding: surrogacy and right of all assisted reproduction, within the framework of the “Feminist Debate International Conference on the Right to Own Body“, organized by the NGO Cooperation in Barcelona.

25 of April, 2017. Dr.. Anna Morero participate in the Seminar Feminist Analysis of Law, organized by other research group, Dr.. Nuria Pumar, we discussed with Dr.. Monica Navarro and students of law degree, on the need to regulate surrogacy in the Spanish State.

24 of May, 2016. On the occasion of the International Day of Action for Women's Health, Mataró City Council organized a roundtable on surrogacy where they participated Carla Vidal, mother surrogacy; Gemma Cànovas, psychologist; and Anna Morero research team project.

8 July, 2016. Anna Morero participated in the briefing of surrogacy Parliamentary Intergroup on Population, Development and Reproductive Health Parliament of Catalonia. The briefing was also attended Dr.. Esther Farnós and Professor of Philosophy of Law, Victoria Camps.