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What is service learning?

Service Learning (ApS) is a teaching and research approach that integrates community service and academic learning in a unique project that allows students to learn while they work on real needs of the surroundings with the aim to improve it.

The ApS (UB) group

The service learning group at UB (ApS (UB)) has worked since 2013 with the aim to work, promote and extend service learning at UB. It has a fully interdisciplinary nature as the teacher that integrate the group are from different faculties and knowledge areas: Fine Arts, Biology, Law, Library and Information Science, Economics and Business, Education, Social Work, Pharmacy and Food Sciences, Philology, Nursing, Medicine, Chemistry and Psychology.


  • Compartir Idees is an interdisciplinary service learning project at the University of Barcelona that has the support of the PMID. This consists of undergraduate and master's degree students preparing workshop lectures on topics of general interest related to the studies they are studying and teaching them in secondary schools in Barcelona, ​​in a format of 20 minutes of information and 30 workshop and / or subsequent debate. In all cases, it is about sharing knowledge and talking about a topic that is being worked on at the university and that can be relevant to the training of high school students.
    NOTE: Due to the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, the project will have another format with the intention of being able to continue offering this type of training to both university and secondary school students:


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