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The ApS Group (UB) has written a chapter entitled: An interdisciplinary experience of ApS from the University of Barcelona. This has been accepted in the book FEICES 2016, which is in the process of editing, within the framework of the XIII International Forum on the Evaluation of the Quality of Research and Higher Education (XIII FEICES).


9th Meeting Teachers of Health Science

In 2016, as part of the Social Responsibility and Learning Service (ApS) Program of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of the University of Barcelona, ​​currently there are four experiences (ApS) in the Degree of Medicine.

The ApS is an educational proposal that integrates community service and useful academic learning in a single project. It is based on educational objectives of contents related to the subjects of the degree, which are learned by doing a service in an entity with which a collaboration agreement is signed. The faculty evaluates the learning and the entity the service performed. The experiences are part of the offer of activities for the academic recognition of credits of optativity.

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(CIDUI): Sharing Ideas. University goes to the high school Compartir Ideas. Analysis of the first edition of a transversal service-learning project at the University of Barcelona

This 2016 communication presents the main keys to analysis and evaluation of the 1st edition of the Ideas Share project. The University goes to the institute. This is a transversal service learning project that consists of a series of lecture conferences given by UB students on topics of general interest related to their studies. The objective is to share knowledge and talk about a topic that the university works and that will be relevant for the training of students.

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International days Art+Social+Textile

The ApS Group (UB) presented the Sharing Ideas. University goes to high-school project at the International Art + Social + Textile Conference as a guest speaker.

ApS U7. Sharing ideas. University goes to high-school: a service-learning experience at the Univesity of Barcelona

This communication systematizes the procedure that makes possible the development of the project "Sharing Ideas. University goes to the high Sc ", its defining elements and the main results of the first edition during the 2015-2016 course.

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Sharing Ideas. University goes to high school project was presented in 2016. The University goes to the Institute which is why the University of Barcelona students and graduate students prepare lectures-workshops on topics of general interest related to their studies and are taught in secondary schools. As a service learning project, academic learning is intended to have a social impact so that university students are working on the real needs of the environment in order to improve it.

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