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Learning service projects connect courses (their contents and the skills to develop) with the needs from social organizations, schools and other instiutions from our society. The aim of this projects is to give an answer to the needs that will have been previosly detected by the students. This projects can be carried out in as part of the courses, as an internship programm or as the disertation project.

In case service learning is held as part of a course, this projects allow students to develop some practical credits and autonomous work. It is important that the activity appears written in the teaching plan of teh course as part of the methodology and the evaluation of it.

In case service learning is done as part a final dissertation, the project is designed to do research about social and educational problems that are relevant for the community. Those are research and production projects that have been previously agreed with social agents and have the aim to solve social problems contributing to generate basic theretical knowledge.

In case service learning is done as an internship, there is an agreement with a social organization, the administration or other institutions that accept university students to develop service learning projects in some knowledge fields. 

In some faculties it is possible to design service learning projects as recognized credits. Anyway, carrying service learning projects in our university allow professors to begin innovative projects that are recognised by our university.

To more information, write to the following e-mail adress: apsub@ub.edu


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