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Sharing Ideas. University goes to high school

Compartir Idees is an interdisciplinary service learning project at the University of Barcelona that has the support of the PMID. This consists of undergraduate and master's degree students preparing workshop lectures on topics of general interest related to the studies they are studying and teaching them in secondary schools in Barcelona, ​​in a format of 20 minutes of information and 30 workshop and / or subsequent debate. In all cases, it is about sharing knowledge and talking about a topic that is being worked on at the university and that can be relevant to the training of high school students.
NOTE: Due to the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, the project will have another format with the intention of being able to continue offering this type of training to both university and secondary school students:
The Faculties of Fine Arts, Biology, Law, Earth Sciences, Economics and Business, Education, Pharmacy and Food Sciences, Philology and Communication, Philosophy and Geography and History are currently participating. This year we have a catalog with an offer of 27 training proposals in the artistic, social, humanistic and scientific fields.
Compartir Idees is a set of online training proposals designed by undergraduate and master’s students at the University of Barcelona on topics of general interest related to their studies. The aim is to share knowledge and promote reflection on a topic that the university is working on and that is relevant to the training of high school students. Aimed at ESO and Baccalaureate students.
This year the project adapts to the new situation of COVID-19. First of all, because the training proposals will be offered in online format (to be determined in each case). And secondly, because, for now, only proposals are offered for the first semester of the course (which will take place between November, December and January), with the aim of adapting the offer at each time of the 2020 course. -2021. The Sharing of Ideas is based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations. The numbers next to the title refer to the SDGs that frame and allow each of the training proposals to be worked on.
A service learning project (ApS)
College students expose high school students, in a dynamic and engaging way, to learning they do in college. In this way, they learn significantly while doing a useful service to their community, capturing the concerns of young people, the problems of the neighborhoods, the realities that people live and helping to improve the knowledge of our society.
 If you are an educational center and want to participate:
  1. Choose and prioritize up to a maximum of 4 workshop lectures.
  2. Fill out the form below until October 9 https://forms.gle/EPsDNHkwd1hXzqj98
    You can also send an email to: apsub@ub.edu
  3. An email will be sent from the organization confirming the proposal.
  4. It is recommended to hold a virtual coordination meeting with the students to contextualize the proposal.

Do you know that some high schools have published some coments about our project?

In this links you will find some news that have been published by some high schools about their experience of the project:

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- Col·legi Immaculada Horta

- Institut Narcís Montoriol

- Institut La Sedeta

- CE Dolmen

- IES Les Vinyes

You can also check the following Tweets from high schools:

- Col·legi Mare de Déu dels Àngels

- Institut Fort Pius

- Jesuïtes de Gràcia

- Centre Escolar San Francisco

- Institut Juan Manuel Zafra

Or you can read the following news from some official sources:

- Consorci d'Educació de Barcelona (blog)

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-Ajuntament de Barcelona (news article)

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