Conference speakers assistance

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You can attend any of the three conferences by completing the following registration form, at a cost per conference of 15 euros.

It is also possible to attend broadcasting for free in the following rooms of the Mundet Campus (or from a personal computer/mobile/tablet):

4/11/19 9:30
Henry Giroux
“The role of educators and public scholarships in times of tyranny”
Aula Magna (Educació) del Edifici del Teatre

5/11/19 9:30
Boaventura de Sousa Santos
“Educating between fear and hope”
Aula Magna (Educació) del Edifici del Teatre

5/11/19 16:00
Marina Garcés Mascareñas
“The setback of emancipation. Reflections from Education”
Sala de graus, Edifici Migdia, pl. 3


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