Master in economics


Director: Joan Calzada Aymerich

Duration: 2 years full-time (120 ECTS)

Fee level: One year EU €2.790; non-EU €3.952,2

Applications: January 2nd to June 30th, 2017

The MSc in Economics at the University of Barcelona (UB) is a high quality Master Program intended to train and educate economists to undertake top research in one of the best places to study worldwide.


The MSc in Economics at UB is the perfect program for new graduated students to develop their research skills through a broad selection of courses entirely taught in English by our top researchers. Since this is a two-year Master, you will have the chance to get very solid methodological foundations and get specialized in some areas of interest at the same time.


On successfully completing this course, students can expect to find employment in a broad range of sectors, including higher education and economic consultancy. The strongest candidates are encouraged to undertake advanced research on the PhD Programme.

Who should apply?

You might be interested on applying if you are looking for

  • Solid foundations to initiate independent research in economics.
  • A wide range of advanced tools in the analysis and resolution of complex economic problems.
  • Improvement on your skills to evaluate the effects of economic policies.
  • Improvement on your decision making, leadership and teamwork skills.
  • Better understanding and research communication skills.
  • A programme that enables you to pursue a PhD programme.

If you are considering to apply, you are expected to have

  • A Bachelor degree in Economics, Business or a degree studies in other fields with solid maths foundations – such as mathematics, physics or engineering- with a satisfactory scholastic average (GPA).
  • Sufficient level of English language ability.
Programme overview

The MSc in Economics is intended to equip you with the tools needed by a professional economist to conduct economic research and analysis.


In the 1st and 2nd terms, students attend the compulsory courses (40 credits) to acquire a solid foundation in economics and quantitative techniques. These courses include: Mathematical Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Econometrics.


In the 3rd, 4th and 5th terms, students have to choose two options from the list below according to their  elective courses choice (60 credits), enabling them to specialise in areas of interest for their future profession or research. The areas offered are:


  • Public Economics
  • Regional and Urban Economics
  • Growth and Trade
  • Government and Markets
  • Games, Behaviour and Incentives


At the end of the course, in the 6th term, students must plan and write the Master thesis (20 credits) in a subject of interest to them, employing the concepts and methods acquired during the course. Latest Master theses are available through the UB’s digital repository




The Faculty of Economics and Business, jointly with UB Economics, offers an active and stimulating environment, organising weekly research seminars, PhD students’ seminars, workshops, courses, conferences and research activities in which MSc students are invited to participate.

International Experience


Second-year students have the opportunity to study part of their degree abroad. Current opportunities include 4 Erasmus agreements at world-class universities:


The Academic Committee promotes the participation of distinguished professors from other institutions in the MSc in Economics programme. Guest lecturers for the academic year 2016-2017:  Matthew Rablen (University of Sheffield) and Christiane Schwieren (Heidelberg University)

Student Guidance

The MSc in Economics is a master’s programme in which students and teaching staff work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect and adherence to high standards of personal conduct. Both the teaching staff and the administrative staff at UB Economics want every student to succeed; we work to help students improve their skills and prepare them to meet their academic and professional goals.


The student monitoring at the UB Economics graduate programme is fully personalised. During the academic year a number of monographic sessions are organised: enrolment guidance meetings, Erasmus information session, master’s thesis debriefing and research guidance sessions.




Director: Marina Núñez

Academic Committee: Joan Ramon Borrell, Daniel Montolio, Jorge Navas, Marc Prat, Vicente Royuela, Fernando Sánchez-Losada and a student’s representative

Programme coordinators (UB Economics Office): Jordi Roca and Diego Ocampo

Administrative affairs (OMD Office): Eloisa Pérez and Angels Pascual




Report of survey results about courses and professors – Academic year 2015-2016 (in Catalan)

Graduate Destinations

This programme is designed to train researchers in the field of economics, so successful graduates are equipped to pursue research careers in universities, research centres, business schools, national and international economic institutions, consultancy firms and corporate training centres.

Our former students are employed in a wide range of public and private institutions: Ministry of the Economy and Finance (Generalitat de Catalunya), Inter-American Development BankCNMV, Bloomberg, Deloitte… Approximately half of students proceed to PhD programmes at UB or other leading institutions: NOVA School of Business and Economics, University of Chicago, University of Luxembourg, Lund University…


The Career Services Office organises a vast number of events, some of them specially designed for the master’s students in Economics.

  • Skills development workshops: job search strategies, professional value communication, CV writing…
  • Employer-led events: consulting firms, public institucions, finance companies… Services available to graduate students include job vacancy information and internship opportunities.
Fees and funding


The MSc in Economics is a two years Master. Students need to obtain a total of 120 credits ECTS (60 per year) to be awarded the MSc in Economics.

The credit ECTS price (*) for academic year 2016/2017 is €46’50/credit for European students (and €65,87/credit for non-European students). It means that the total amount for the 2-year master degree (120 credits ECTS) will be: European students: €5.580  Non-European students: €7.904,4.

On the first year enrolment, the student will only have to afford the first 60 credits payment (European students €2.790 and Non-European students €3.952,2).

In addition, students with an international degree have to pay €218,15 when they apply for admission in the programme.

(*) Student’s fees for university master’s degrees are decreed on an annual basis by the Catalan government and Universitat de Barcelona.


Beca General – Scholarship (Spanish Goverment)

  • Call for applications (academic year 2017-2018): expected to be published in August 2017

Beques de col·laboració – Internships (Spanish Goverment)

  • Call for applications (academic year 2017-2018): expected to be published in June 2017

Beques de col·laboració – Internships (AGAUR – Catalan Government)

  • Call for applications (academic year 2016-2017): expected to be published in January 2017

Beques de col·laboració – Internships (Universitat de Barcelona)

  • Deadline for applications: different for each call

Beques de col·laboració – Internships (Faculty of Economics and Business)

  • Deadline for applications: different for each call

UB Economics MSc TA Scholarships

You can find information at the University of Barcelona’s website.


Erasmus+ Master Loan – Loans for postgraduate studies

BEI – Banco Santander – Loans for postgraduate studies

AGAUR (Generalitat de Catalunya) – Loans for postgraduate studies

AGAUR (Generalitat de Catalunya) – Loans for tuition fees

How to apply?


Applications are open from January 2nd to June 30th, 2017.


(!) Only complete applications (STEP 1 and STEP 2) will be considered.

STEP 1. Fill out the UB APPLICATION FORM (by selecting the ‘Economia‘ option). The application fee is 30€. Most major credit cards are acceptable.

STEP 2. Fill out the MSc IN ECONOMICS FORM and upload the required documents to be academically evaluated.

Application documents (one pdf file) uploaded to the application form in this order:

1. ID/Passport
2. BSc transcript of grades (provisional or final version)
3. Proof of English level (not compulsory if you are from or have studied in an English speaking country)
4. Letter of motivation (Description of your background; your motivation to pursue the MSc in Economics programme at the UB; your academic interests; your research and teaching experience; your professional goals)

(i) Two letters of recommendation will be automatically requested to the referees indicated in the online application form.


Applicants will receive a decision by email within 6 weeks once the application is complete (STEP 1 and STEP 2). Academic resolutions academic year 2016-2017

In case of being admitted, you will be required to provide us with the required documents in order to get the final approval and formalize the enrollment. More information will be provided to admitted students.



Students admitted to the programme that are unable to attend may request a deferment of the admission to the following academic year (only once).

Requests must be send by email to before September 1st. Each request is reviewed by the Admissions Committee. Please note that deferments are not guaranteed.