Four Researchers from the UB School of Economics awarded by the State Research Agency

Four researchers from the UB School of Economics have been recognized with “Consolidación Investigadora 2023” programme by the State Research Agency and Ministry of Science, Innovation, and Universities for their exceptional contributions to various fields of scientific research. They will receive European Union funds to develop their respective research projects.

Dr. Elisabetta Aurino has been recognized for her research on violence against adolescents in Ghana. Her project, titled “End_Violence,” addresses the reduction of physical and psychological violence against adolescents in resource-limited environments, such as in this African country. Through a field experiment, Dr. Aurino aims to evaluate a culturally relevant parenting intervention, with the ultimate goal of improving the well-being of youth and promoting positive development.

Dr. Laia Maynou has been recognized for her project, “Aging and Health: an Analysis of Needs, Demand, and Supply,” which is scheduled to start on April 1st. It will be conducted within the Public Policy section of the Governs i Mercats (GiM) research group, an integral part of the UB|IREA research institute.

Dr. Ana Moragues Faus has been awarded for her research on the relationship between food systems and diverse cities. Her project, titled “Transforming Diverse Cities for Sustainable Food Security (CITIES4FOOD),” investigates how socioecological urban configurations influence food security and governance at local and global levels.

Dr. José Peres Cajias has been distinguished for his work on state capacity in Latin America. His project, titled “The Costs of Inequality in Latin America” analyzes the evolution of inequality and state capacity in the region over time. Through a multidisciplinary approach, Dr. Peres Cajias explores how processes of urbanization and governance influence sustainable food security in diverse cities.

This recognition from the State Research Agency (AEI) underscores the research excellence of the UB School of Economics and reaffirms the university’s commitment to quality research and contributions to scientific knowledge. Congratulations to the four awarded researchers for this notable distinction.


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