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Lectora 25: Iberoamerican Women Editors, Catalan Poets and Sara Ahmed


Issue 25 of Lectora: revista de dones i textualitat has just been published. This volume includes a Dossier, coordinated by Pura Fernández (Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales, CSIC), about the conditions of production, distribution and canonization of publishing, a professional field regulated by implicit rules and cultural and literary tensions and interests. Entitled "¿Una empresa de mujeres? Construir la Re(d)pública de las Letras: editoras iberoamericanas contemporáneas", this issue seeks to deepen into the importance of being a woman publisher and into ways in which this category has been constructed in the contemporary literary field. This dossier includes 14 articles from 11 different institutions, both national and international, that draw into the experiences of women publishers such as Eulàlia Ferrer, Clémentine Denné Schmitz, Faustina Sáez de Melgar, Patrocinio de Biedma, Julia Codorniu, Carmen Conde, María Cegarra Salcedo, Carmen Martín Gaite, Esther Tusquets, Nancy Bacelo and Remei Sipi Mayo. The Varia section includes works on processes of subjectification through the construction of spaces, on literary works by Manuel Puig and Carmelina Sánchez-Cutillas, or on Madonna's liberal feminism, amongst many others. The journal also includes its usual sections on Reviews and Artistic Creations, with an anthology of contemporary women writers, by Meritxell Matas (Universitat de Barcelona), and Translation, with the publication of the Spanish translation of Sara Ahmed's "Fatalismo queer" and "Una armada feminista", by Mayte Cantero (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona).