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MOOC Course

Start date
Finish date
Universitat de Barcelona
Avaluació de la Innovació Docent (CAIDUB / RIMDA)
Teaching innovation projects
Principal Investigator(s)
Maria Adela Fargas Peñarrocha
(ADHUC-Universitat de Barcelona)

This project aims to enhance the student’s intake in a class setting through the help of a MOOC.

Objectives of the teaching innovation project

  1. To prove learning improvement in a classroom through the use of a MOOC made by the same applicant team. This MOOC is entitled The Mediterranean, a space of exchange. From the Renaissance to Enlightenment (available in COURSERA until September; acknowledged by AGAUR with the project Ref. 2014MOOC00047).
  2. To foster e-learning and partial attendance in the Universitat de Barcelona. To design continuous assessment activities with the MOOC.
  3. To enhance the learning of transversal competences (synthesis capability, oral communication, uses of information, self-learning) using the MOOC in in-class settings.
  4. To encourage the students towards visual learning support. To introduce students to the construction of vocational, globalizing knowledge.