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Prevention and Detection of Sexist Violences During Pregnancy: From Patriarchal Violence to Obstetric Violence

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Obra social "la Caixa"
Research projects
Principal Investigator(s)
Josefina Goberna
(ADHUC–Universitat de Barcelona)
Research Team
Margarita Boladeras Cucurella
(Universitat de Barcelona)
Analía Gómez Fernández
(Universitat de Barcelona / Institut Català de la Salut)
Mónica Isidro Albadalejo
(Institut Català de la Salut)
Noemí Obregón Gutierrez
(Universitat de Barcelona, Parc Taulí)
Montserrat Payà Sánchez
(Universitat de Barcelona)
Technical research staff
Júlia Martin Badia
(ADHUC–Universitat de Barcelona)

This project aims to ensure the identification of patriarchal behaviours and symbolic violence during medical care at childbirth.

In Spain, the proportion of women who acknowledged having suffered sexist violence rose from 5.1% in 1999 to 12.5% ​​in 2015. The serious consequences for women's health grow further when it occurs during pregnancy, with added risk for the fetus. It is estimated that between 7.7 and 21% of pregnant women suffer violence, but it is often not detected. The healthcare environment can also be a source of violence against women, which brings us to a lesser known concept: obstetric violence. This project aims to work together with health professionals through a research-action procedure with the aim of improving healthcare, as well as to design and validate a training program that addresses the detection and correct intervention in cases of violence towards women and, finally, to prevent and identificate patriarchal behaviors in the healthcare environment.


  1. To sensitise the midwives in primary attention involved in the follow-up of the pregnancy in the detection and  treatment of cases of sexist violence.
  2. To ensure the identification of patriarchal behaviours and of symbolic violence during medical care at childbirth and to promote changes that allow humane treatment, respectful of every woman's dignity and autonomy.