David Inglis al seminari de recerca CECUPS-CRIT 2019/2020

Sala de reunions del Departament de Sociologia (4115), Facultat d'Economia i Empresa, Av. Diagonal, 696, 08034 Barcelona
David Inglis

David Inglis, professor de la University of Helsinki, presentarà la seva recerca "Grape-Spotting: On the Dialectics of Wine Trends and Social Dynamics across the Globe Today".
Alcohol consumption trends across Europe over the last 40 years involve both notable decreases in wine consumption in wine-producing countries, leading to multiple crises in the world of wine-making, and marked consumption increases in non-wine-producing countries. These trends are both products and indices of, as well as contributors to, various forms of post-industrial social change. The analysis of which groups drink which wines, and which wines get made and by whom, can reveal a great deal about much broader social dynamics. For example, drinking wine can be understood as participation in either local, national or trans-national cultures, each of which may be more cosmopolitan or more parochial in nature. Wine may also be drunk by older, higher status groups, or by younger groups possessed of alternative capitals. Setting out a macro-sociological research agenda as to wine’s broader societal significance, is the first aim of this paper.
The second aim is to consider the current claim that the trends noted above have involved a “democratization” of wine-drinking in traditionally non-wine-producing countries, with many more people, especially from lower social backgrounds, participating in wine drinking and in “wine worlds”. Claims about wine’s “democratization” are deeply problematic.  New wine fashions have often worked to de-democratize wine and to reinstate socio-cultural hierarchies and the creation of novel symbolic boundaries. At the same time, novel forms of production in wine-producing countries, often being engaged in by new-wave types of producers as responses to challenging circumstances, both de-stabilize older cultural hierarchies in wine, and generate new ones. How all of these factors may be fitted together is a sociological puzzle worth solving.
La sessió començarà a les 11h.