The Consolidated Thematic Activity Lines (Research, Training and Transfer – LATC) for the 2017-2021 period of the consolidated research group, according to the specialities and trajectories of its members, although they are developed in a closely related way, are:




Gender, Families and Social Control: Family diversity; Single Parent families; Sexual and Reproductive rights; Women and the Penal System; Women imprisoned and women’s prisons; Human rights and Social Control (Almeda -responsible-, Camps, Morero, Ortiz, Vergés, Pumar, Bonet, Obiol, Erviti, Pacheco, Di Nella).




Welfare, Work and Public Policies: time, work and care; labour relations; social management; business and social security; women and technologies (Domínguez -responsible-, Freude, Juan, Ortiz, Almeda, Pumar, Vergés, Costa, Obiol, Carbonero).



Methodologies of Social Research and Analysis of Social Inequalities: feminist social research methodologies; social indicators and applied social research techniques (Vergés -responsible-, Domínguez, Collado, Morero, Freude).



Development, Equality and Development Cooperation (Palacios -responsible-, Maestro, Ortiz).



Continuous training and Methodologies of Teaching Innovation: accompanying self-learning-Mentory; researchers training; tutorial action programs; direction of external practices; innovation in university teaching for the rating of research results (Camps -responsibles-, Collado, Domínguez, Maestro, Almeda, Ortiz, Vergés, Morero, Costa, Di Nella).



((Darrera actualització: 31/05/2021)