COPOLIS-Adalquí: Group to Support Transfer and Research – Collective for legal, social and cultural action


COPOLIS-Adalquí was born in 2008 as a group to support technical-administrative activities specifically aimed at enhancing the capacity for technology transfer and the production of quality results in the research carried out by Copolis.

For this, a wide range of actions is promoted, among which the following stand out:

  1. Planning and technical assistance for the development of comprehensive programs for scientific and social dissemination, as well as the organization of conferences, lectures and congresses.
  2. The provision of technical services for social communication and graphic and audiovisual production.
  3. The management of technical and methodological support services for research.
  4. Legal and administrative advice and assistance for the presentation of funding requests in competitive public or private calls as well as for the conclusion of inter-institutional collaboration agreements  in the field of research and specialized training.
  5. The promotion and management of thematic networks on areas of Copolis.
  6. The promotion and dissemination of the internationalization of the group, through the organization and promotion of mobility, exchange and stays of teachers and researchers, with special emphasis on the countries of the groups that are part of Copolis and Iberoamerica in general.

During the first semester of 2017, at the request of the Research, Training and University Extension Program in Social Control and Human Rights of the Interuniversity Group “Copolis. Welfare, Community and Social Control ”(UTEP Argentina), within the framework of its International Transfer actions, COPOLIS-Adalquí also takes on a new challenge, constituting a collective of professionals, technicians and other people in the community for legal, social action and cultural, in defense of those civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights that are not sufficiently protected in the region. Its specific objective is to create a scientific and social platform for basic and applied research, the training of human resources and professional and specialized technical and legal assistance. In this process, an association and later a foundation were created, as genuine expressions of the community, which culminated in the granting of their legal status.

The proposal arises and is referenced in different work experiences of its promoters. Its new activities range from the organization of awareness and training campaigns for intervention, to direct action on the realities or conflicts that are selected, with the idea of ​​acting where it is observed that there is not enough technical and professional coverage, standing out in the affectation of homogeneous individual and collective rights and in the reparation (and not mere compensation) of individual and social damages. It is thus intended that people and groups do not remain in the hands of the positivist legal and scientific culture that makes invisibility and / or hides access to the exercise of their own rights). The following are its priority areas of work:

Its purpose is to develop the knowledge and actions necessary to promote social inclusion through the exercise of rights, reduce situations of social vulnerability and redefine prevention, conduct research, respond to demands for support, advice and technical-legal training, and disseminate derived results of that.

It is a proposal for the full association of COPOLIS-Adalquí as a support group for transfer and research as well as a collective of university / community legal, social and cultural action. This set of activities aims to “build the community as a space to realize the transformative potential of human rights.”


Copolis – Adalquí

Group to Support Transfer and Research – Collective for legal, social and cultural action


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