is an interactive space for the dissemination of artistic festivals, providing all relevant information (day, venue/s, genre, schedule, etc.). It is also an online service platform for the players in the sector: a website to foster direct collaboration among planners, audiences and professional networks, thus boosting the creation of synergies, training and employment among the different professionals who take part in festivals’ production and management. Hence, the two main objectives are: to disseminate the wide range of artistic festivals (music, audiovisual, performing arts, literature, traditional culture, etc.) at the national and international level; and to contribute to the improvement of the work conditions of festivals’ professionals (producers, technicians, communicators, artistic directors, etc.) through the making available of documentary and educational resources, job offers, etc.

In 2015, Profestival received the award from the magazine Actualidad Económica for one of the 8 best ideas in the field of tourism, travel and leisure in Spain.