PhD programme

On occasion of the 2008-2009 academic year, the University of Barcelona launched a specific PhD programme in Cultural and Heritage Management. Since the reorganization of the PhD programmes in 2014-2015, the course has been integrated as a specific line of the wider program called Society and Culture: History, Anthropology, Arts, Heritage and Cultural Management. In these years, more than 15 PhD students successfully completed the programme. See the list of thesis and researchers here.

Yearly, 7-8 new PhD students enroll in the programme. These carry out a research project under the supervision of one or more directors, in a period of 3 years (full-time) or 5 years (part-time), covering one of the following research lines:

  • Analysis of the economy, the markets and the cultural organisations
  • Cultural dynamics and social and governmental intervention models
  • Museology, heritage management and presentation

This is an interdisciplinary programme, aiming at advanced education of the researchers in the different fields and disciplines of cultural and heritage management. In accordance with the two Master’s degrees, from where many of the PhD students come (Cultural management and Cultural heritage management and museology), the aim of the programme is to analyse and to better understand the structures, the logics and the forms of intervention of the actors who take part in the making of cultural and heritage management and policy.

More information on the application for admission and access to the doctoral program.

Registration for COURSE 2024-2025: not open.


Most of the PhD student’s research activity is carried out along with the thesis’ director and the respective research team in order to participate in the collective work of the latter. In addition to this, the PhD programme offers to enrolled researchers a number of activities of reflection and research methodology courses that accompany and complement the tutoring process and the writing of the doctoral thesis.

Seminars are conducted monthly and the main joint activity of the programme is held at the end of May: the PhD conference. This consists in a presentation by enrolled PhD students of research progress achieved and a chapter of the final thesis. This presentation is debated among attendants with the objective of helping to advance research.

Moreover, the programme promotes participation in activities like:

  • Methodological workshops and academic conferences organised by the different research teams or research lines of the programme “Society and Culture”.
  • Presentation of communications and papers at international academic conferences, as well as participating in specialist seminars.
  • Publication of research results in working papers series and in specialist journals and compilations.
  • Research visits and stays at international research centres.
  • Follow-up of research projects and of certain subjects of interest of the unit “Research methodology and  techniques” taught in the Master’s degrees of the official programme in culture and heritage management.
  • Participation in funded research of permanent research groups taking part in the programme.

During the first year, when the proposal and the rationale of the thesis are defined, students have to participate in all the programme’s seminars and defend the thesis’ proposal before the attendants at the annual PhD conference. As from the second year, it is still important to keep participating actively in most of the seminars and activities, and presenting advancement of the research project during the annual PhD conference at the end of the year is mandatory.

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Research team of the PhD Programme
The programme proposes the following list of researchers for the supervision of doctoral theses (it is possible to propose an external co-director besides the programme’s professors):
  • Bonet Agustí, Lluís
  • Carreño Morales, Tino
  • Codina Mata, Núria
  • Coll Rosell, Gaspar
  • Creixell Cabeza, Rosa Maria
  • Del Mármol Cartañá, Camila Olga
  • Diaz-Andreu Garcia, Margarita
  • Feliu Torruella, Maria
  • Guàrdia Olmos, Joan
  • Hernández Cardona, Francesc Xavier
  • Llonch Molina, Nayra
  • Masriera Esquerra, Clara
  • Pareja Eastaway, Montserrat
  • Rodríguez Morato, Arturo
  • Prats Canals, Llorenç
  • Rius Ulldemolins, Joaquím (UV)
  • Roigé Ventura, Francesc Xavier
  • Rubio Arostegui, Arturo (UAdN)
  • Sala Garcia, Teresa
  • Salles Tenas, Neus
  • Santacana Meste, Juan
  • Serrat Antoli, Núria
  • Torrens Llambrich, Xavier
  • Tresserras Juan, Jordi
  • Villarroya Planas, Ana
Access to PhD

In order to enrol in the PhD Programme, applicants must have successfully completed an Official Master’s degree or higher qualification from an accredited institution or from an international equivalent, consistent with the research lines of the Programme.  Applicants from the Master’s degree in Cultural Management or from the Master’s degree in Cultural Heritage Management and Museology of the UB must have completed the subjects “Conceptual foundations and methodology for research” and “Applied research techniques”, and the “Master’s final project” must be based on empirical research.

Every year, before June 30, all required documentation should be submitted to the Secretariat of the PhD programme. In addition to administrative documents (we recommend you to contact Simon Campos,, tel. +34 934020821), a curriculum vitae (with an emphasis on research and publications produced) and a research proposal should be submitted. The research proposal should include: rationale, research objectives, research questions and hypotheses, proposed methodology, provisional calendar and references. We recommend you to talk previously with one of the researchers of the programme who has research interests similar to the proposed subject or methodology, in order to verify whether he/she is available to supervise your thesis.

Pre-enrollment to PhD is done at the Faculty of Geography and History of the University of Barcelona. More info here.