Barcelona BioMed Conference on Targeted Protein Degradation

Dr. Ouldouz Ghashghaei from Prof. Rodolfo Lavilla’s group presented an MCR-based approach for AhR activation and degradation during the Barcelona BioMed Conference on “Proximity-inducing pharmacology: Targeted protein degradation and beyond” that has taken place in Barcelona from the 22nd to the 24th of May. We are proud of having her within the list of impressive speakers that have taken part in this amazing conference.

Dr. Ana Mallo-Abreu, Ainoa Sánchez, Celia Escriche, Javier Sánchez and Noemí Martínez from our laboratory have also attended to the conference, where they have been given the opportunity to learn about the most recent discoveries in the field.

We would like to thank BBVA foundation and IRB for organizing and funding such an impressive event. Congratulations to all the participants!