Activities for future students

Upper secondary school pupils and students from vocational courses undertake work placements at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Sciences every year.
Prospective students are welcome to visit the Faculty on its annual open day.

Concòrdia-Fedefarma Award

This annual award for upper secondary school students' pharmacy-related research was introduced in 2015.


Farmaestiu is a summer programme for upper secondary school students which the Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Sciences has been running annually since 2014. It involves students attending lectures and taking part in practical sessions in the Faculty's laboratories. All the programme's activities revolve around topics of great pharmaceutical relevance.

UB - Ferran Adrià - Gallina Blanca Award

At the UB, the field of food and nutrition is not only the focus of various research groups' work, but also of two bachelor's degree programmes (Human Nutrition and Dietetics, and Food Science and Technology) and a number of master's degree and postgraduate courses.

To promote the studies in question and encourage research that links the different sciences with everyday life, the UB organizes an award for upper secondary school students' research projects on food and nutrition. In 2015, the award was issued for the sixth time.