Big Data Insurance. Insurance Analytics. Invited speaker at RISKcenter: Jean Philippe Boucher (UQàM)

November 20-24 , 2023.- The University of Barcelona hosted the celebration of the series Insurance Analytics.

Insurance data analytics involves the systematic analysis of vast amounts of data within the insurance industry to extract valuable insights, optimize processes, and make informed decisions. Through the use of advanced statistical techniques, machine learning algorithms, and data mining, insurance companies can assess risk more accurately, detect fraudulent activities, and enhance customer experience. Analytics enables insurers to leverage historical data to predict future trends, allowing for better underwriting, pricing strategies, and claims management. Additionally, it facilitates personalized offerings and targeted marketing, ultimately improving overall operational efficiency and profitability for insurance providers. The integration of data analytics in the insurance sector represents a transformative shift, empowering companies to adapt to evolving market dynamics and better meet the needs of their policyholders.

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