Judit Vall Castelló

PhD in Social Protection Policy 2010, Maastricht University

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Working Papers


The earnings and employment losses before entering the disability system

Cervini-Pla, M.; Vall Castelló, J. (2018)

The European Journal of Health Economics, 1-18

Great Recession and disability insurance in Spain

Jiménez-Martín, S.; Juanmarti Mestres, A.; Vall Castelló, J. (2018)

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What happens with the employment of disabled individuals when all financial disincentives to work are abolished?

Vall Castelló, J. (2017)

Health Economics, 26:2, 158-174

Business cycle impacts on drug consumption initiation of adolescents: A multi-country analysis

Paling, T.; Vall Castelló, J. (2017)

Economics and Human Biology, 27, 1-11

Partial Disability System and Labour Market Adjustment: The case of Spain

Silva, J.I. ; Vall Castelló, J. (2017)

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Bad times, slimmer children?

Bellés‐Obrero, C.; Jiménez‐Martín, S. ; Vall‐Castelló, J. (2016)

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Effects of the great recession on drugs consumption in Spain

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Estimating the income loss of disabled individuals: The case of Spain

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Pérdidas laborales ocasionadas por muertes prematuras en España: un análisis para el periodo 2005-2009

Peña Longobardo, L.M.; Aranda-Reneo, I.; Oliva Moreno, J.; Vall Castelló, J. (2015)

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Equal Health, Equal Work? The Role of Disability Benefits After Controlling for Health Status

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Using the sis to better align the funding of residential services to assessed support needs

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Research in Developmental Disabilities, 35(5), 1144-1151

Promoting Employment of Disabled Women in Spain: Evaluating a Policy

Vall Castello, J. (2012)

Labour Economics, 19(1), 82-91

The Employment Effect of Increasing Disability Benefits: A Regression Discontinuity Approach

Marie, O.; Vall Castelló, J. (2012)

Journal of Public Economics, 96(1-2), 198-210

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