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28th IAPS Conference. Opening Ceremony

2 juliol, 2024
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Tuesday 2th July 18:00h at Paranimf of University of Barcelona.

People's relationships with the environment are complex and constantly changing, requiring a multi-disciplinary approach. Challenges such as transitioning to more sustainable living spaces, switching to different energy sources, reducing consumption, encouraging circular economies, and addressing climate crisis present new challenges for society, and especially for the scientific community, in terms of both creating new technologies and managing human behavior.

In order to bring about change, it is essential to examine phenomena from various angles, with different disciplinary perspectives (transdisciplinary), theoretical and methodological approaches, in order to come up with solutions to socially and environmentally important issues and ultimately work towards the well-being of people and society as a whole.

Opening Ceremony. Conference “Tracing the Historical Trajectory of People-Environment Studies from the XIX Century to the Present” by Hartmunt Günther, Psychologist. University of Brasilia

More information: https://www.iaps2024barcelona.com/

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