"WWTP 21: New technologies and approaches for wastewater sanitation" (Morning Session). Symposium 2014

publicat: 17 oct. 2014  |  
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  • In the present context of environmental care, the reduction of resource consumption (energy and materials) is an important goal in the conception of new processes. Wastewater treatment plants are quite involved in this trend and because of this, we have devised this symposium with the title New technologies and approaches for wastewater sanitation. The idea is to design wastewater treatment using a holistic approach, prioritizing resource recovery and minimizing resource consumption.

    The symposium is divided into three parts:  The first, in which the general principles of the sustainable sanitation will be exposed; the second, dealing with the recovery of resources; and the third, devoted to new technologies associated with reduced consumptions. All this carried out by leading European scientists in this field.


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