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Thermal Energy Storage PCM (I)

25 octubre, 2022
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Session 1.1. Thermal Energy Storage PCM (I) at Aula Magna on The Sixth International Symposium on Innovative Materials and Processes in Energy Systems, 25th October 2022 at Paranimf of University of Barcelona.


Yulong Ding: 'Thermal energy storage for net‐zero energy transition'
José Antonio Almendros‐Ibáñez: 'Differential thermal performance and entropy generation of thermal energy storage tanks containing a PCM and water'
Oronzio Manca: 'A comparison between flat and corrugated internal tubes for thermal energy storage in shell and tube systems filled by PCM and metal foam'
Kousuke Hiromori: 'Synthesis of bio‐based latent heat storage material with a desired melting point'

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