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Maria Teresa Muniesa Perez
  • Orcid 0000-0001-5549-1394
  • Category Catedràtic d'Universitat
  • Department Departament de Genètica, Microbiologia i Estadística
  • Faculty Facultat de Biologia

Journal publications from Maria Teresa Muniesa Perez (145)

145 results found

Allué-Guardia, A.; Imamovic, L.; Muniesa, M. (2013)

Evolution of a self-inducible cytolethal distending toxin type-V-encoding-bacteriophage from Escherichia coli O157:H7 to Shigella sonnei

Journal of Virology
87, pp. 13665 - 13675
Muniesa, M.; Colomer-Lluch, J. (2013)

Could bacteriophages transfer antibiotic resistance genes from environmental bacteria to human-body associated bacterial populations?

Mobile Genetic elements
3 , 4, p. e25847
Martinez-Castillo, A.; Quirós, P.; Navarro, F.; Miró, E.; Muniesa, M. (2013)

Shiga toxin 2-encoding bacteriophages in human fecal samples from healthy individuals

Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Muniesa, M.; Colomer-Lluch, M.; Jofre, J. (2013)

Potential impact of environmental bacteriophages in spreading antibiotic resistance genes

Future Microbiology
8, pp. 739 - 751
Muniesa, M.; Allué-Guardia, A.; Martínez-Castillo, A. (2013)

Bacteriophage-driven emergence of novel pathogens

Future Virology
8 , 4, pp. 1 - 3
Colomer-Lluch, M.; Mora, A.; López, C.; Mamani, R.; Dahbi, G.; Marzoa, J.; Herrera, A.; Viso, S.; Blanco, J.; Blanco, M.; Alonso Garcia, M.P.; Jofre, J.; Muniesa, M.; Blanco, J. (2013)

Detection of quinolone-resistant Escherichia coli strains belonging to clonal groups O25b:H4-B2-ST131 and O25b:H4-D-ST69 with high virulence gene content in raw sewage and river water in Barcelona, Spain

Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
68 , 4, pp. 758 - 765
Imamovic, L.; Muniesa, M. (2012)

EDTA Triggers Induction of Shiga toxin2-encoding Phages Independently of RecA

Zoonoses and Public Health
59 , S1, pp. 53 - 53
Muniesa, M.; Lucena, F.; Blanch, A.R.; Payán, A.; Jofre, J. (2012)

Use of abundance ratios of somatic coliphages and bacteriophages of Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron GA17 for microbial source identification

Water Research
46 , 19, pp. 6410 - 6418
Gómez-Doñate, M.; Ballesté, E.; Muniesa, M.; Blanch, A.R. (2012)

New molecular qPCR assay for the detection of host-specific Bifidobacteriaceae suitable for microbial source tracking

Applied and Environmental Microbiology
78 , 16, pp. 5788 - 5795
Allué-Guardia, A.; Jofre, J.; Muniesa, M. (2012)

Stability and infectivity of bacteriophage-encoding cytolethal distending toxin type-V gene in water mesocosm and under different inactivation conditions

Applied and Environmental Microbiology
78 , 16, pp. 5818 - 5823
Muniesa, M. (2012)


Revista digital Sociedad Española Virologia
Muniesa, M.; Hammer, J.A.; Hertwig, S.; Appel, B.; Brüssow, H. (2012)

Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli O104:H4 - a new challenge for microbiology

Applied and Environmental Microbiology
78 , 12, pp. 4065 - 4073
Imamovic, L.; Muniesa, M. (2012)

Characterizing RecA-Independent Induction of Shiga toxin2-encoding Phages by EDTA Treatment

PLoS One
7 , 2, p. e32393
Muniesa, M. (2011)

Transferencia genética horizontal en escherichia coli patógenas

Actualidad SEM
Diciembre , 52, pp. 24 - 25
Martínez-Castillo, A.; Allué-Guardia, A.; Dahbi, G.; Blanco, J.; Creuzburg, K.; Schmidt, H.; Muniesa, M. (2012)

Type III effector genes and other virulence factors in shiga toxin-producing escherichia coli isolated from wastewater

Environmental Microbiology Reports
4 , 1, pp. 147 - 155
Colomer-Lluch, M.; Imamovic, L.; Jofre, J. Muniesa, M. (2011)

Bacteriophages carrying antibiotic resistance genes in fecal wastes from cattle, pigs and poultry

Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy
55 , 10, pp. 4908 - 4911
Payan A; Ebdon J; Taylor H; Gantzer C; Ottoson J; Papageorgiou GT; Blanch AR; Lucena F; Jofre J: Muniesa M. (2005)

Method for isolation of Bacteroides bacteriophage host strains suitable for tracking sources of fecal pollution in water.

Applied and Environmental Microbiology
71 , 9, pp. 5659 - 5662
Muniesa, M.; Blanch, A.R.; Lucena, F.; Jofre, J. (2005)

Bacteriophages may bias outcome of bacterial enrichment cultures.

Applied and Environmental Microbiology
71 , 8, pp. 4269 - 4275
Muniesa, M.; Imamovic, L.; Jofre, J. (2011)

Bacteriophages and genetic mobilization in sewage and faecally polluted environments

Microbial Biotechnology
4 , 6, pp. 725 - 734
Imamovic, L.; Muniesa, M. (2011)

Quantification and Evaluation of Infectivity of Shiga Toxin-Encoding Bacteriophages in Beef and Salad

Applied and Environmental Microbiology
77, pp. 3536 - 3540