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The Water Research Institute (IdRA)

There can be no doubt that water is essential for life and for the development of our society. Water plays a major role in society, politics and the economy, and its management is one of the challenges that must be tackled in the twenty-first century.

The fight against contamination, the call for rational water use, efforts to overcome shortfalls in supply and the forecast and management of extreme situations (droughts and floods) are all priorities that need professionals with the capacity and the criteria for action. The required actions range from highly specific aspects of local supply to involvement in European or international strategies.

For this reason, and to improve interdisciplinary research and foster the process of university education reform, the University of Barcelona founded the Water Research Institute. The Institute strengthens the University's potential through specific structures and instruments devised to channel research and teaching in the field of water.


New Director in the IdRA

Dr. José Francisco García Martínez, Professor of Analytical Chemistry is the new director of the IdRA for the four-year period 2019-2023, after the end of the management period of Dr. Javier Martín-Vide, who will continue as a member of the Board of the Institute. The new director will be the third of the IdRA, after Dr. Martín-Vide and Dr. Montoro. The three represent very significant and varied lines of research, focused on water, within the Institute. The close collaboration between the outgoing and incoming directors guarantees the perfect continuity in the operation of the Institute and the rapid approach of the new objectives.

July 2019

From left to right, Dr. José Francisco García Martínez, new director of IdRA, Dr. Belén Noguera de la Muela, former academic secretary and Dr. Javier Martín-Vide, former director


15 July 2021

El passat 8 de juny de 2021 en el Palau de la Generalitat Valenciana va tenir lloc l’Acte de proclamació dels guardonats pels Premis Rei Jaume I (33a edició), que va ser presidit pel President...

15 July 2021

El passat 3 de juliol, el Dr. Javier Martín-Vide, va explicar a l’article Lecciones de Canadá: España debe prepararse para el calor extremo a Clima y Medio Ambiente de El País com l’escalfament...

14 July 2021

El passat 12 de juliol va tenir lloc a l’Aula Magna de l’Edifici Històric el lliurament dels premis del Consell Social i de la Fundació Bosch i Gimpera.
La Distinció del Claustre de...

09 July 2021

A team of the University of Barcelona has analysed for the first time what the dry and hot periods could be like in the area of the Pyrenees depending on different greenhouse emission...

02 July 2021

El proper 14 de juliol de 2021 tindrà lloc la Cloenda del Màster universitari de Ciència i Gestió Integral de l'Aigua (CGIA) de la promoció 2019-2021.

El Màster universitari de Ciència i...

28 June 2021

El passat dimarts 22 de juny es va celebrar la primera edició de la Jornada dels Instituts de la UB. L’edició d’enguany estava centrada en l’exploració (i explotació) de l’espai i tenia...