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Scheduled scientific activity

The Water Research Institute (IdRA)

There can be no doubt that water is essential for life and for the development of our society. Water plays a major role in society, politics and the economy, and its management is one of the challenges that must be tackled in the twenty-first century.

The fight against contamination, the call for rational water use, efforts to overcome shortfalls in supply and the forecast and management of extreme situations (droughts and floods) are all priorities that need professionals with the capacity and the criteria for action. The required actions range from highly specific aspects of local supply to involvement in European or international strategies.

For this reason, and to improve interdisciplinary research and foster the process of university education reform, the University of Barcelona founded the Water Research Institute. The Institute strengthens the University's potential through specific structures and instruments devised to channel research and teaching in the field of water.


New Directorate of the Water Research Institute (IdRA)


The IdRA UB changes its Directorate and headquarters. It do not change its vocation of service to water research nor its interest in interdisciplinary nature; both objectives will continue to guide all of its goals.

26th May, 2015
María Jesús Montoro and Javier Martín-Vide



18 May 2016

Ja es troben publicades les Bases per a la participació al Premi de Fotografia de l'Institut de Recerca de l'Aigua (IdRA) “Visions entorn de l’Aigua” en la seva edició de l’any 2016.


12 May 2016

El director de l’IdRA i catedràtic de Geografia Física, Dr. Javier Martín-Vide, va ser entrevistat a  la revista Presència (El Punt Avui) en la seva edició de 1 de maig de 2016 en relació a la...

20 April 2016

Disponible la inscripció a la 6a edició del Curs “Ingeniería y recursos hídricos en islas y terrenos volcánicos”.

El curs, sota la direcció del Dr. Juan C. Santamarta, enginyer Civil...