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Simposi IdRA 2018 - VIII Jornada Tècnica del GECCC i el CADS. "Recursos hídrics i canvi climàtic"
L'aigua és, juntament amb l'abundància d'oxigen a l'atmosfera i l'existència de vida, l'element distintiu del planeta Terra en el sistema solar. Des de fa dècades es busca aigua, amb especial interès, en altres mons, mentre que és evident la seva presència en el planeta on vivim fins i tot des...


Simposi de l’Institut de Recerca de l’Aigua (IdRA) 2017 “Aigua, paisatge i patrimoni”
L’aigua és, juntament amb l’abundància d’oxigen en l’atmosfera i l’existència de vida, l’element distintiu del planeta Terra en el sistema solar. Es busca des de fa dècades, amb especial interès, aigua en altres mons, mentre que és evident al planeta que habitem fins i tot des de l’espai exterior, pel...


International research symposium 2016: Water and public space
In this conference we explore some aspects of the relationship between water and public space. Water plays an increasingly important role in the design of public space, and this is true for several reasons. Firstly, there is the role that water can play in the composition of urban space, creating...


Symposium "Submarine Groundwater Discharge (SGD)"
The arrival of groundwater in the coastal and marine areas is known from old times and has been the subject of exploitation by coastal people or a resource for boaters. The knowledge and study of these springs in our country has followed a long career as the case Falconera (Garraf),...


Symposium 2014 "WWTP 21: New technologies and approaches for wastewater sanitation"
In the present context of environmental care, the reduction of resource consumption (energy and materials) is an important goal in the conception of new processes.   Wastewater treatment plants are quite involved in this trend and because of this, we have devised this symposium with the title New technologies and approaches...


Simpòsium 2013 "Aigua subterrània: recurs ocult, estratègic i global"
  PRESENTACIÓ HORARI i LOCALITZACIÓ COMUNICACIONS CONVIDADES INSCRIPCIÓ STREAMING: Retransmissió completa en diferit   PRESENTACIÓ     "Aigua subterrània: recurs ocult, estratègic i global” és el tema seleccionat per al Simpòsium de l'any 2013 per l'Institut de Recerca de l'Aigua de la Universitat de Barcelona. L'aigua subterrània constitueix la principal fracció d'aigua dolça disponible al nostre planeta per satisfer les...


Symposium 2012 "Bio-waste and sludge: an enviromental challenge, a technological opportunity".
Introduction Symposium Coordinator Subscription Symposium Papers     Since 2007, the Water Research Institute of the University of Barcelona organizes an annual symposium on topics of current interest within their areas of activity. In this edition of 2012, the topic under discussion was focused on bio-waste and sludge and particularly, in the sludge generated by waste...


Symposium 2011 "Singularities in Wastewater Reuse"
The Water Research Institute of the University of Barcelona organizes annually a Symposium on water-related items since the year 2007. In the year 2011, Watewater Reuse is the subject which will be considered from different points of view considering that the Institute is multidisciplinary since it was founded by the...


Symposium 2010 «Coastal Waters Environmental Quality»
Introduction Symposium papers Posters Scientific Committee of the Symposium  INTRODUCTION   The density of the population and the activities that have been carried out in the coastal area in recent decades have put coastal systems under considerable stress. Coastal waters have been particularly affected. They constitute the first band of the marine system and,...


Symposium 2009 «Water and Climate Change»
Global warming, which is the clearest sign of the new reality of climate change, intensifies the water cycle, as it leads to an increase in evaporation from a warmer surface. Water will play a crucial role in future climate and socioeconomic scenarios, as it is an essential resource and sometimes...


Symposium «Water: Interdisciplinary Studies»
A year after it was officially founded in September 2008, the UB Water Research Institute organized a symposium in which numerous current problems were analysed, such as water quality and water as a resource. The symposium was made up of brief presentations. Complete versions of the papers were published in July...