Job Market candidates list for 2017/18 is now available on School of Economics website

UB_Economics_2699editedThe full list of Job Market Candidates for the current academic year has already been published on the UB School of Economics website. These highly qualified economists are ready to add value to any organization. In recent years, our PhD students have obtained positions at top universities such as LSE, University Carlos III of Madrid, University of Sussex, University of Warwick, Northwestern University, Heidelberg University, Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Our 2017/18 candidates will be available for interviews at the SAEe 2017 meeting in Barcelona, the RES PhD Meeting 2017/18 in London and the 2018 ASSA Annual Conference in Philadelphia. The Placement Officer for the 2017/2018 academic year is Dr. Elisabet Viladecans-Marsal and the Placement Assistant is Jordi Roca Solanelles.

The following candidates wish to commence employment from September 2018:

Francisco Cavalcanti
Research interests: Political Economy | Development Economics | Public Finance | Environmental Economics
PhD advisors: Amedeo Piolatto and Albert Solé-Ollé
Job Market paper: Voters Sometimes Provide the Wrong Incentives. The Lesson of the Brazilian Drought Industry

Hoon Choi
Research interests: Labor Economics | Economics of Education | Applied Econometrics
PhD advisors: Raúl Ramos and Álvaro Choi de Mendizábal
Job Market Paper: Do anti-discrimination laws alleviate labor market duality? Quasi-experimental evidence from Korea

Nicolas Gonzalez-Pampillon
Research interests: Urban Economics | Public Economics | Applied Micro
PhD advisors: Elisabet Viladecans-Marsal and Jordi Jofre-Monseny
Job Market Paper: Spillovers effects from a place-based housing subsidy

Maximilian Holst
Research interests: Public Policy Analysis and Evaluation | Applied Economics | Transport Economics | Labor Economics | Regional & Urban Economics
PhD advisor: Germà Bel
Job Market Paper: Assessing the effects of the Mexican Drug War on economic growth: An empirical analysis

Jorge Mario Uribe
Research interests: Empirical Asset Pricing | International Finance | Risk Management | Uncertainty Measurement
PhD advisors: Helena Chuliá and Montserrat Guillen
Job Market Paper: Momentum Uncertainties

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