The Network of reference in Economics and Public Policies (XREPP in its abbreviation in Catalan) was born as an initiative of the Catalonian Government (Generalitat de Catalunya) to assemble the main researchers in Public Policies of Catalonia’s Universities.

The XREPP is a network of research whose main aim is the design and evaluation of Public Policies. In this sense, the network principal objective is the realization of scientific production that supplies information and give advice in three different aspects of the elaboration and evaluation of Public Policies.

The first objective is the theoretical research of the optimal supply of public goods and its relationship with the market, the institutions and the organizations regulation. Also the design of the regulatory institutions and the decision-making mechanism of the involved agents.

The second objective is the evaluation and analysis of public expenditure policies and the welfare state. Specifically the network focuses on the following policies:

  • Housing policies.
  • Health policies.
  • Pension systems.
  • Environmental policies.
  • Strategies, profitability R+D+I policies.
  • Educational effects.

The third objective is the analysis of economic integration and its effects on the territorial cohesion and the relocalization of the industries.

The network is composed by more than fifty investigators from five research groups from four Catalonian universities (UB, UAB, UdG and URV).

The management of the network is done by Fundació Bosch i Gimpera.