Research Group in Economics and Public Policies (GEPP) –  Autonomous University of Barcelona

Director: Miguel Ángel López García

Phone number: 935811229

Fax: 935812292



Miguel Angel López García (IP): Taxation, Fiscal Policy, Public Policy and Housing Policy

Jordi Bacaria Colom: International Economics, Integration Economics and Political economy.

Isabel Busom: Evaluation of public policies fostering R&D and innovation.

Jana Hromcovà Biela: Macroecononics and economic growth

Rosella Nicolini: Economic geography: location theory and application; international Economics

Xavier Ruiz del Portal Bravo: Taxation, Fiscal Policy

Guadalupe Souto: Public financing of pensions and education; demographic aging

PhD Student Alicia Gómez Tello:  Political economics of the European Integration process