Centre for Economic Analysis and Social Policies (CAEPS) – Universitat de Barcelona

Director: Elisenda Paluzie Hernández

Phone Number: 934034409

Fax: 934039082

A/e: epaluzie@ub.edu

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International Economics and Economic Integration.

Researchers: E.Paluzie

Territorial structure of salaries.

Interregional migration movements on the XXth century.

Effects of the European integration on the Internacional trade.

The Ageing of population and Interregional transfer policies

Researchers: C.Patxot i G.Abbio

Viability of the pension system.

Interaction between the transfer policies and fecundity.

Generational accounting.

Health Economics and Policy

Researchers: J. Gil, I. Stoyanova, M. Solé

Health economics: Medical care expenses, equity and health, health insurances.

Economics and obesity. Economics and mental health.

The ageing of the population. Health and dependence.

Catalonian economy and economic forecasting

Researchers: E.Paluzie