WELTRANSIM Demographic change and intra and intergenerational distribution: Modelling the impact of different welfare models

Program: Joint Programming Initiative “More Years Better lives”

Principal Researcher: Concepció Patxot (participates Guadalupe Souto)

Duration: 2017-2019

“Role of European mobility and its impacts on narratives, debates and EU reforms”

Program: European Commission Call REV-INEQUAL-04-2016 – Intra-EU mobility and its impacts for social and economic systems

Principal Researcher: Judit Vall (partner)

Duration: 2017-2019

“Fiscal Transfers in Latin America and the Caribbean: What Are Their Composition and Cyclicality Patterns? A Complete Dataset of Fiscal transfers in Uruguay”

Program: Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (IADB)

Principal Researcher: Leonel Muinelo-Gallo (Universidad de la República, Montevideo), participates Andreas Kyriacou

Duration: Dec. 2016-Aug. 2017

Sustainable farm systems: long-term socio-ecological metabolism in western agriculture

Programa: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

Investigador principal: Enrique Tello Aragay

Duració: 2012-2017

Negotiating early job-insecurity and labour market exclusion in Europe (negociate)

Program: European commission (H2020 YOUNG-1-2014)

Principal Researcher: Bjorn Hvinden (participates Judit Vall)

Duration: 2015-2018

Causes and Consequences of Firm Relocation Processes

Program: European commission

Principal Researcher: JM Arauzo Carod (participates R. Nicolini)

Duration: 2015-2018

The Trade-off Between Taxation, Debt and Money Creation in the History of Public Finance Crises, 1848–1914

Program: European Society for the History of Economic Thought (ESHET).

Principal Researcher: Claire Silvant (TRIANGLE, Université Lyon 2). Participates Javier San Julián Arrupe (GRGDEP)

Duration:  2015-2016

AGENTA – Ageing in Europe an application of National Trasfer Accoutns (NTA) for explaining and projecting trends in public finance

Program: FP7 Seventh Framework Programme of European Commission

Principal Researcher: Concepción Patxot Cardoner

Consortium: UB, UAB, Oesterreichische Akademie Der Wissenschaften (Coordinator), Institute for Futures Studies in Stockholm, Sweden, Lunds Universitet,Hungarian Central Statistical Office, Demographic Research Institute, Univerza V Ljubljani, Ecole d’Économie de Paris, Szkola Glowna Handlowa W Warszawie, National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR, UK)

Duration: 2014 – 2017

Networking Activity on ‘NTA global conference European Nexus ‘

Program: European Science Foundation

Principal researcher: Concepció Patxot (amb Guadalupe Souto)

Duration: 2013-2014

Analytical support on the socio-economic impact of social protection reforms in the EU member states and EFTA/EEA, candidate and pre-candidate countries (ASISP)

Program: EUUN – Unió Europea

Principal researcher: Concepcion Patxot Cardoner

Duration:  2013 – 2014

Evaluating Care across Borders (ECAB)

Program: FP7, Health (contract number 242058)

Principal researcher: Joan Gil

Objective: To facilitate a process whereby Europe’s citizens can make informed choices about whether to seek health care in another Member State and, if they choose so, to ensure that the administrative and clinical processes are straightforward and ensure continuity of care.

Consortium: London School of Economics and Political Science – Health Centre (UK), the European Observatory on Health Systems & Policies (Belgium/Denmark), London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine (UK), Observatoire Social Européen (Belgium), Universiteit Maastricht (the Netherlands), Technische Universität Berlin (Germany), University of Barcelona (Spain), Institute of Public health of The Republic of Slovenia (Slovenia), PRAXIS Center for Policy Studies (Estonia), National Institute for Welfare and Health (Finland), Semmelweis Egyetem (Hungary), Regione Veneto (Italy).

Duration: 2010-2013

EE-T Project. Fostering the Excellence and Innovation in Higher Education

Program:  Lifelong Learning Program Erasmus. Action 2. Multilateral Projects: 2.2.5.

 Objective To produce a complete database of translations of economics texts of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries into and from various European languages in order to make available a systematic and classified collection of all economic translations and of their e-texts, including all editions of each translation.

Consortium: Université de Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, PHARE; Universität de Hohenheim; Technological Educational Institution of Messolongi; University of Pisa, Department of Economic Sciences; Instituto de Ciências Sociais, Universidade de Lisboa; Universitaea din Bucuresti; Universitat de Barcelona – Departament of Economic History; Middle East Technical University (METU) – Faculty of Economics.

National Transfer Accounts and intergenerational redistribution in European institutional settings

Program: EUROCORE (MICINN – ESF). Collaborative Research Project proposal in the ECRP V (2009)
Objective: To measure economic flows across age groups in a manner consistent with National Income and Product Accounts. The accounts measure how each age group produces, consumes, shares, and saves resources.
Consortium: Institute for Futures Studies Stockholm Sweden; Vienna University of Technology Institute for Mathematical Methods in Economics Research Unit: Eco Vienna Austria; TARKI Joint Research Centre Budapest Hungary; Universitat de Barcelona Facultad d’Economia i Empresa; Centre d’Anàlisi Econòmica i de les Polítiques Socials; Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research Rostock Germany; Government Institute of Economic Research, Research Unit on Taxation and Social Transfers Helsinki; Finnish Centre for Pensions Eläketurvakeskus; University of Nantes Institut d’Economie et de Management Nantes Cedex.

Asisp country expert

Program: Call for Tenders, European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities.
Objective: To establish an independent expert network which provides up-to-date information on social protection developments, the national debates, and present-day research in the fields of pensions, health, and long-term care.
Consortium: EU Member States, EEA/EFTA countries, as well as actual and selected potential candidate countries.

Sustainable farm systems: long-term socio-ecological metabolism in western agriculture

Program: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

Principal researcher: Enrique Tello Aragay

Duration: 2012-2017