The main objective of the XREPP network is making research and innovation of the highest level in economy and public policies, based on the complementarities of the research groups that form the network and in the increasing critical mass of researchers that suppose its formation. This objective is supported through the production of collaborative projects on old and new research lines.

Furthermore, the members have began the task of identifying collaborative areas with economic and production sectors and have began to establish contracts of research and innovation, consulting and others that direct the investigation of the network towards objectives of common interest, ensuring fast and clear achievements.

Lastly, the network also has the objective of provide training activities to the investigative personnel, high level technicians and public research organizations.

We wish to highlight the actual collaboration and foreign institutes and research groups, the participation of the network in International networks and R+D national and international programs and the wish of facilitating the mobility of the research personnel between the different reference networks.

XREPP is managed by  Fundació Bosch i Gimpera Universitat de Barcelona.

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