Research Group in Globalization, Economic Inequality and Public Policies in Historic Perspective (HISTÒRIA) – University of Barcelona

Director: Alfonso Herranz Loncán

Telèfon: 934 024 311



We follow the methodology of economic history and economic analysis, i.e., tracing the processes by building new quantitative evidence, hypothesising interpretations derived from economic theory and analyzing its validity by applying quantitative analysis techniques.

The added value of our group is its perspective from the Economic History. Our members are trained under a multidisciplinary approach and we provide explanations rooted in the long-term behavior of the processes. This is particularly interesting when it comes to studying the origins and effects of public policies , institutional artifacts that carry large inertia and are hardly subject to sudden changes in the short term.

The ultimate interest of the work done by the members of this group is the interpretation and the ability to draw lessons from the past to inform the future. In this sense, much of the work focus on the study of how growth and economic integration in the context of nation-states has resolved issues related to the genesis of regional imbalances and inequalities among men. Taking this dynamic element into account we can explain the problems that arise with the current economic and political integration in Europe in the form of the EU, considering which solutions adopted for the control and management of the national inequality are still valid today, and at which political level public policies should be set.