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Andrea Ruthven

Universitat de les Illes Balears
Dept. de Filologia Espanyola, Moderna i Clàssica


Lectora: revista de dones i textualitat

Andrea RUTHVEN lectures in English at the University of the Balearic Islands where she teaches in the field of English for Specific Purposes. She holds a BA and an MA in English from the University of Guelph, Canada, and a PhD in Construction and Representation of Cultural Identities from the University of Barcelona.


Her research is focused on contemporary women's writing in English, with a special interest in speculative fictions and how these engage with questions of gender, sexuality, representation, and materiality. She has published several book chapters and journal articles in specialized journals and international volumes on The Hunger Games and Ms. Marvel, among others. She has co-edited with Belén Martín-Lucas the volume Narratives of Difference in Globalized Cultures (Palgrave 2017).


She has participated in the research projects 'Bodies in Transit: Difference and Indifference' (FFI2017-84555-C2-2-P) and 'Transnational Post-Westerns: The Global Impact of a Regional Myth' (13.JU21.64661), and is currently a researcher in the ministy funded project 'Cinema and Environment: Affective Ecologies in the Anthropocene' (PID2019-110068GA-I00).

Text reported by the researcher

ADHUC—Centre de Recerca Teoria, Gènere, Sexualitat: investigadora visitant / visiting researcher  (9/09/2016 - 13/10/2016); investigadora / researcher (15/09/2017 -) 

Càtedra UNESCO Dones, desenvolupament i cultures: investigadora predoctoral / predoctoral researcher (01/07/2012 - 30/06/2015); investigadora / researcher (15/09/2017 -)

Centre Dona i Literatura, Universitat de Barcelona: investigadora predoctoral / predoctoral researcher (01/07/2012 - 30/06/2015)

Lectora: revista de dones i textualitatcodirectora / co-director (2022 - )


9/09/2016 - 13/10/2016 Estada de recerca / Research Stay

De / from Universidade de Vigo, Espanya / Spain, a / to Universitat de Barcelona

01/07/2012 - 30/06/2015 FI, Beca per a la formació de personal investigador, AGAUR, Generalitat de Catalunya, a / to Universitat de Barcelona