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Dolores Resano

Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Dept. de Estudios Ingleses

Co-Editor in Chief

Lectora: revista de dones i textualitat

Dolores RESANO is Assistant Professor of Literature in the Department of English Studies at Universidad de Complutense de Madrid and researcher at ADHUC-Research Center for Theory, Gender, and Sexuality and in the project "(Un)Housing. Dwellings, Materiality, and the Self in American Literature" (PID2020-115172GB-I00) funded by MINECO. She was formerly an Irish Research Council and Marie Skłodowska-Curie postdoctoral fellow at University College Dublin, as well as Visiting Scholar at Dartmouth College in the United States. With a PhD in Construction and Representation of Cultural Identities from Universitat de Barcelona, her current research is focused on 21st-century US literature, with a special interest in the intersections between "negative" affect, precarity studies, and the rise of right-wing populisms in recent years. She is a board member of the Irish Association for American Studies (IAAS), part of the editorial board of the online publication Lletra de Dona, and is Co-Editor in Chief of the journal Lectora: revista de dones i textualitat.

Text reported by the researcher

ADHUC—Centre de Recerca Teoria, Gènere, Sexualitat: investigadora predoctoral / predoctoral reasearcher (16/06/2016 - 30/06/2017); investigadora postdoctoral / postdoctoral researcher (28/02/2020 -).

Càtedra UNESCO Dones, desenvolupament i cultures: investigadora predoctoral / predoctoral reasearcher (01/04/2013 - 31/04/2017); investigadora postdoctoral / postdoctoral researcher (28/02/2020 -).

Centre Dona i Literatura: investigadora predoctoral / predoctoral reasearcher (01/04/2013 - 30/06/2017)

Lectora: revista de dones i textualitatcodirectora / co-editor in chief (2020 - )


02/05/2013 - 31/04/2017 FPU, Beca para la formación de profesorado universitario, MICINN

A / To Universitat de Barcelona

01/04/2013 - 30/04/2013 FI, Beca per a la formació de personal investigador, AGAUR, Generalitat de Catalunya

A / To Universitat de Barcelona