Copalqui is a private non-profit publishing house that was born in Barcelona in February 2008 as an activity of the Adalquí Collective.

Its main objective is to be able to disseminate various types of works and texts in the scientific, academic and cultural fields. It seeks to develop a publication policy that allows, on the one hand, the availability by the authors of their texts and/or materials in different publishing formats (at a reduced price or if possible, at no economic cost to the reader); and on the other, the promotion of the social dissemination of analysis and research results to society in general, with special emphasis on the reception of the products by the social groups on which it has been investigated.

For this purpose, Copalqui Editorial has a General Production Technical Team and an Editorial Board, which are in charge of the selection, revision of texts, advice and/or consultancy on the publications derived from the activities of the members or requests of external publications, and the development of the Copalqui “Editorial Project” for scientific and social dissemination among the non-academic population in general.

In accordance with the absence of profit-making purposes, Copalqui Editorial dispenses with the entire distribution and commercialization circuit usual in the sector, setting the sale prices of its publications based solely on production and editing expenses, which allows us to avoid high costs in the final price of the same and maximum accessibility of the work for its authors and readers.

Editorial Copalqui began by publishing the works closest to its work team. Later it made a collaboration agreement with the International Research Group “Copolis. Welfare, Community and Social Control ”, to disseminate the results of their research. Also, an agreement was made with Koyatun Editorial for the reciprocal publication of the works in their respective fields of work. Currently, other authors have been joining, strengthening our intention to expand our sources of social dissemination.

Based on this, an editorial project has been developed consisting of the following collections:

To acquire any of the publications, you can access them through our points of sale, or through the internet by sending an email to

We are open to receive all the suggestions, contributions and concerns that you deem appropriate. They will help us move forward.

Likewise, several of the titles are available for download at


(Last Update, 21/03/2021)