TV3 interview Sexist extortion, threats and insults: cyberbullying is also violence

2020-12-01_tv3+Cyberbullying is based on harassment through the network that mainly affects young girls. The reform of the Catalan law on sexist violence is being processed in Parliament to incorporate this type of digital violence. To address this issue, TV3’s 25N Marta Freixenet interviewed lawyer Laia Serra and Copolis and Donestech member Núria Vergés.

Insulting through social media, controlling passwords or threatening to spread private photographs is also sexist violence. It’s called cyberbullying, and while it’s becoming more common, it’s still being reported.

According to Núria Vergés, professor of the Department of Sociology at the University of Barcelona and member and co-founder of Donestech, a group that researches women and new technologies, the intention of online violence is the same as that of offline violence : “They have the will to undermine our self-esteem, to silence us, to disempower us, to make us small, to make us feel bad, to discipline us in the moral values ​​of this traditional hegemonic masculinity and masculinity. ” Read the full story here.