The COPOLIS Group is launching the third edition of the Postgraduate Specialisation Diploma in Gender, Family Diversity and Exclusions. This postgraduate course is a proposal for international online training certified by the University of Barcelona that aims to train professionals and researchers in gender and family diversity with a focus on the role of new technologies in the emergence of non-traditional family patterns and inequalities related to families.

The aim is to provide students with conceptual and methodological tools that will enable them to carry out professional work and research on the subject, as well as to draw up policy recommendations on gender, families and family diversity.

The Postgraduate Specialisation Diploma in Gender, Family Diversity and Exclusions consists of a 30-credit academic course that gives access to the Master’s Degree in Families and Society, which aims to train students in advanced research on these issues.

As a new feature of this third edition, the postgraduate modules can be taken separately. Students who prefer to do so can register only for the modules that are of interest to them.



University of Barcelona, University of Girona, University of the Balearic Islands, University of Valencia, Federation of Single-Parent Families of Catalonia (FEFAMOCA), Colectivo Adalquí, University of Buenos Aires, National University of Río Negro (Argentina), National Autonomous University of Mexico, Corporation for Action Research in Society, Health and Culture (CISSC), National University of Colombia, Externado University of Colombia and Max Planck Institute (Germany).


Elisabet Almeda, Clara Camps, Vivianne Cantalapiedra, Mª Antonia Carbonero, Dino Di Nella, Joaquina Erviti, Juan Jorge Michel Fariña, Eva Hohnerlein, Anna Morero, Sandra Obiol, Rosa Ortiz, Carlos Iván Pacheco, Núria Pumar, Liz Rincón y Núria Vergés.


The Postgraduate Specialisation Diploma costs €600 plus fees (€60). The deadline for pre-enrolment is 13 September 2019. In this link you can find all the information about pre-registration and enrolment.

Those who require the management and coordination of the postgraduate course to carry out the procedure for the legalisation and formalisation of the degree for its international validity must also pay the corresponding notary and processing fees. For more information, please consult the document “Procedures for the validation of the degree”, available at the following link.


COPOLIS International and Interuniversity Group “Well-being, Community and Social Control”.

Faculty of Economics and Business – University of Barcelona

Diagonal, 696. 08034 Barcelona.

Office 481

Contact People: Anna Morero Beltrán y Rosa Ortiz Monera

You will find more information in the detailed programme:

Detailed programme of the Postgraduate Specialisation Diploma in Gender, Family Diversity and Exclusions






(Last Update 8/05/2021)