Public institutions and organisations 

Capitalise all the words, including the generic terms, that are part of the official name of public institutions, organisations, societies, associations and movements.

Exemple correcte the Faculty of Chemistry

Exemple correcte the Department of Business Management

Exemple correcte the Language Service

Exemple correcte the Board of Trustees

Exemple correcte the General Directorate of Universities

When the names of organisations are in the plural or have a more general meaning, the generic terms should be lowercased.

Exemple correcte The departments of History and Psychology are piloting a new teaching methodology.

Exemple correcte One of the aims of a university language service is to prepare students to compete in a globalised society.

When the full name of the organisation is abbreviated by deleting a word or words, the capitals should be maintained (see Reference).

Exemple correcte The Department [of History] is piloting a new teaching methodology.

Exemple correcte The University [of Barcelona] is engaged in a far-reaching process of internationalisation.
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