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Presentations and training activities | Capacity Building

Throughout the academic year, the International Relations Office of the Faculty of Economics and Business participates, organizes, carries out and/or hosts a variety of institutional visits, work meetings and training, networking and team-building activities with partner institutions and prospective partners, students and staff; thus, in addition to informative and dissemination presentations, we have also been able to use our experience in international mobility management and higher education institutions internationalization processes in other training activities, such as job-shadowings or staff weeks, local or abroad.

Institutional and informative presentations:

ORI-FEE Thematic presentations | Inter-institutional international trainings & Capacity Building

Our faculty and office organizes staff trainings but, due to the high number of petitions we receive and organizational and functional needs, only very few of them can be accommodated. We appreciatte your compehension while be sure we’d love to welcome you all!

For more information about our institution and training and teaching staff international mobility at our Faculty, please, check the following links: