If you are a professor or a staff member from a foreign institition willing to come to ours for teaching, research or training purposes, here you will find all the information you need to do so!



If you or one of your professors is interested in coming to our university for research, teaching or training purposes, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Professors should contact directly with one of the departments of our faculty.
  2. They should contact the department which best corresponds to his/her study field of preparation.
  3. They have to inidacte exactly which is their interest.
  4. The department will provide him/her with an answer regarding the petition/interest of the professor and about the conditions or other important information the professor may need.

Here you can find some useful links to contact professors at our institution:


All departments: Link

Department of Business: Link

Department of Economics: Link

Department of Economic History, Political Institutions and World Economy: Link

Department of Econometrics, Statistics and Applied Economics: Link

Department of Sociology: Link


Specific areas of professors

Here you can check the specific areas of each professor for Business and Economics:


Economics: Link



Regarding the staff mobility, organizing properly this kind of visits demands a lot of resources in terms of time and staff. Moreover it is quite difficult to give full time attention during one or more days to the visiting staff. Therefore, unfortunately, the international relations office of the Faculty of Economics and Business normally does not assume this kind of requests. You can contact us in case you have an specific interest to be trained in, but very few exceptions to what exposed above are done.

However the UB organizes a staff week in March-April. The staff mobility can be done in the framework of this staff week, and we can organize specific visiting days during the staff week. Check all the infromation about the upcoming staff weeks at the UB at: UB Staff Week