English Is It! (ELT Training Series). Vol. 12

Fàbrega, R., Fuentes, A.M., Montoro, L. , Belda, C., Cano, M., Harms, M.
Publicació digital
Docència i Metodologia Docent; 31
Institut de Desenvolupament Professional (IDP-ICE). Universitat de Barcelona
Infantil, Primària i Secundària i FP
Col·lecció digital
Col·lecció Docència i metodologia

As pointed out earlier, all articles in this volume have stemmed from the basics in lesson planning, whether, depending on their nature, they are fully or partially pointed out and/or described: topics, levels, organization, timing, objectives, contents - procedures and concepts (communicative structures, vocabulary, pronunciation, culture) and attitudes-.

Materials are also referred, as well the general development of activities along with references, evaluation and comments.

This publication counts on an ADDENDA section, which welcomes other teaching professionals, as well as allows the permanent staff members of the research group to present other academic works. It is also open to alumni among the members of the group, so that further pedagogical interventions from them can be considered in the future.