PE IN CLIL Resources I. Grammar structures

Escobosa Morera, Glòria Colillas Gascón, M. Jiménez March, S. Martínez Gómez, A. Puigneró Ferrer, N. Perales López, J. Calafell Arnaldos, A. Pratsobrerroca Rafael, S.
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Institut de Desenvolupament Professional (IDP-ICE). Universitat de Barcelona
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The project we are presenting has been designed for the Teaching physical education in English using CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) methodology ICE group. The group is composed of a researcher and teachers of Physical education in CLIL that wanted to expand the resources in this area considering there are not enough. This group works together to create better materials for PE teachers that teach using the CLIL methodology.

We've started from the very base after considering the needs of everyone in order to move forward with more quality materials. The effort and motivation all of them put in is reflected in this project. The first part of this project is about grammar structures, we've analyzed the different grammar structures for the six grades/levels of primary school, and we've created a guide so teachers can follow and get some ideas from it. Presented in this document is first the content related to every grade gathering parts like verbs, prepositions, adjectives and question words and it has been chosen from the teachers according to the curriculum they are teaching in their schools. Following this are examples related to this content that have been created by us in various meetings throughout the year. In the examples portion we've tried to apply physical education content so it could facilitate their use.