English Is It! (ELT Training Series) Vol. 11

Fàbrega, Rosamaria Fuentes, Ana Maria Montoro, Lourdes Belda, Consuelo Magrinyà, Ester
Publicació digital
Institut de Desenvolupament Professional IDP-ICE
Col·lecció digital
Col·lecció Docència i metodologia

English Is It! (ELT Training Series) was created with a view to providing opportunities which can make up, somehow, for this gap. The aforementioned members are the permanent teaching staff in the group, they investigate their different areas of expertise in their classes, expose them to the group and make proposals, which are later turned into articles. To do that, all members have extensively trained to spend the most time in the writing process in order to give the least work to the reader. They have both been succinct and explicit, and tried to say what they meant while meaning what they said. They bore in mind that, unlike class sessions, there is no audience in front, who can ask for clarification; therefore all the planning, the sequencing, the explanations and details have been considered under this premise...