Nov, 28 2018: The VidaCaixa-UB insurance award is an annual prize given to the best master thesis in the Master of Actuarial and Finance of the University of Barcelona. The winner thesis in the 11th edition was ‘Reflection Asymmetric Copulas with Tail Dependence’, authored by Miquel Sánchez Costa and supervised by Catalina Bolancé (Riskcenter, UB).

The ceremony of the 11th edition VidaCaixa-UB insurance awards was held at the Faculty of Economics and Business (UB) Barcelona on the 28nd of November. The welcoming address was given by Ramón Godínez (VidaCaixa) and Ramon Alemany (Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business, UB). Manuela Bosch (Coordinator of the Actuarial and Financial Sciences Master program, UB) participated in the event.