Ernest Miguelez, PhD in Economics at UB, awarded with the José Manuel Blecua Prize

Ernest Miguelez, has been awarded with the José Manuel Blecua Prize, conferred by the Board of Trustees and the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation (FBG),  for the best article published in a prestigious journal in the field of humanities and social sciences. He is the co-author of the article ‘What Attracts Knowledge Workers? The Role of Space and Social Connections‘ published in the Journal of Regional Science, 54(1): 33–60.

The aim of this article is to identify the determinants of the geographical mobility of skilled individuals, such as inventors, across European regions. Among a large number of variables, we focus on the role of social proximity between inventors’ communities. The results highlight the importance of physical proximity, job opportunities, social networks, as well as other relational variables in mediating this phenomenon.

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