The UB School of Economics joins the European Researchers’ Night 2021

On September 23, it will take place the activity ‘Cafés científics de la UB’. It is a series of meetings at the Ferran Soldevila garden in the UB Historical Building in which experts from various fields at the University of Barcelona will be share their knowledge with the public, thus offering a multidisciplinary view of different issues as cities of the future, food labelling and waste, and microplastics.

Through these meetings, the UB Faculty of Economics and Business joins the European Researchers’ Night to debate different topics from different points of view:

  • Waste and microplastics: Mònica Serrano Gutierrez, lecturer in the Department of Economics and researcher at the Economy, Energy and Ecological Impacts (EEEI) group, will debate at 17:00 CEST together with other experts on the generation of waste and the possible solutions for dealing with it, such as the search for new materials, changes in the way we live, and research on our impact on the environment.
  • Cities of the future: intelligent and dynamic: members of the Faculty of Economics and Business, such as Elisabet Viladecans, researcher at the UB School of Economics, will take part in the scientific coffee at 19:00 CEST to reflect on the current situation in cities and the way they will be like in the future, depending on population growth, urban concentration and technological dependence.
  • Labelling: do we know what we buy?: also at 19:00 CEST, a debate will be held on the level of consumer awareness, whether we know how to read information and small print well, and the influence of the packaging and marketing in the choice of the products we buy.

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