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How can European Universities contribute to the EC Digital Action Plan

22 desembre, 2022
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Presenter: Ander Errasti López     

Chair: Marga Bonmatí Pérez. University of Barcelona 


· CHARM-EU Alliance: Experiences with the virtual learning environment, emerging technologies, and hybrid classrooms in CHARM-EU’s Master’s in Global Challenges for Sustainability
         · Alex Lodder. Utrecht University.Deliverable lead for Virtual Learning Environment and CHARM-EU teaching toolbox. Utrecht university
         · Vanessa Vigano. Educationalist. University of Montpellier
         · Daniel Griffin. Co-lead of the CHARM-EU Emerging Technologies work package. Trinity College Dublin

· EuroTeQ alliance: Testing an example of interoperability
         · Ben Parker. TUe

· UNITE! Best practice example: Metacampus from the UNITE! Alliance
         · Jesus Alcober. Engineer and PhD in Telecommunications from the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
         · Martin Ebner. Head of the Department Educational Technology Graz University of Technology

· EUNIS-SURF: Towards a European digital ecosystem for education
         · Christien Bok. Board member of EUNIS and employee at SURF


Summary: This plenary session will showcase examples European university alliances, including experiences on IT infrastructures and interoperability, the future of digitalisation, what can we do and how can we collaborate to achieve the aims of the Digital Action Plan.

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